What’s to come in 2013

On November 16th 2012, I departed the wonderful UK after my 12 month trip. It was one of the quickest years I can remember! And I really do miss the travelling.

Two months on, it’s safe to say that I have settled in at home quite well and am in a happy long distance relationship with my boyfriend Ryan who I met whilst in England. It won’t be long until I fly out there again this Sunday for a month’s holiday, including a trip to Portugal in that time. I am so excited to be going back and doing some more travelling but especially excited about being reunited with Ryan. I can’t believe I will be on a plane to see him in two days!!

Leaving England was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make as I had intentions of living and studying there for good. Some hard work in applying for Uni over there only came to my disappointment that I’m not eligible for a student loan, equivalent to our HECS here in Australia. That was a difficult time for me as I didn’t really plan to take my uni place in Australia so all my focus was on going back to the UK. I wasn’t thinking realistically at all which caused some tension, but I’m glad I have made the decision to stay here for my studies and intend on applying for an exchange program for next year so I can be in the UK again for a longer period of time.

I am extremely happy I have enrolled into my Bachelor of Primary Education course here as it’s my dream to become a Primary School Teacher.

I’m glad I can still return to the UK for a time and will make further plans to live there for good when the time is right. I’m just so excited to be going on this trip this Sunday!

Europe 2012

It is has yet again been months since my last blog – I really need to keep my word when I say I will keep it up!! Anyway, I did mention that I would post a blog of all my travels in Europe, that being Paris, Greece and Germany. I won’t go into complete detail as my blog would be much too long but a summary and some photos of my wonderful trip should do the trick. Enjoy guys!


I had spent an overall wonderful 4 days in Paris with my sister. I can’t say my introduction to Paris was very welcoming though – French people cursed at me and bumped into me because I was ‘getting in their way’ and I was nearly getting chased down the street by a French beggar simply because I shook my head indicating I had nothing for him. Not only that, but the streets and main city of Paris is really overrated and not what everyone imagines it to be. I felt afraid and unsafe and getting lost for an hour trying to find out hotel didn’t make things any easier. On the upside though, the tourist attractions were beautiful, especially the Eiffel Tower and Champ Elysees.

arc de triomphe

eiffel tower



Two weeks on the magnificent Greek Islands where there are clear waters, beautiful beaches and wonderful communities. Athens was an unsafe place to be but I’m glad my best friend and I had better impressions of Ios and Santorini. We both got really tanned and loved every minute of it! We both did a cliff jump which we at first were reluctant to do but we’re both glad we did it. We miss it so much and really want to go back again one day!


Germany is definitely one place in the world I fell in love with. I stayed with a pen pal of mine that I had met for the first time in the 9 years we had been writing to each other so it was a really exciting time for both of us. She showed me around the beautiful city she lives in called Potsdam and also took me around Berlin which I found to be a really clean city. 4 days wasn’t enough time to see it so next time I will have to make a longer trip!

I encourage everyone of you to travel, especially around Europe. There is much to see and you will have experiences that you will remember for life.


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