New outfits and all sorts

Don’t you just love it when you manage to pull off an outfit you wouldn’t think would suit you? I find that this always seems to happen when I am out shopping with a friend and they end up picking something out for me that I would normally turn a blind eye to.

On the weekend, I went into Torquay to find an outfit for my work Christmas party on the Sunday that just passed. My friend Crissy came with me and she basically picked my whole outfit! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for because I didn’t know how dressy I wanted to look but after walking through H&M she discovered a very bright orange zip skirt. Now normally, I wouldn’t wear orange at all but I was convinced to try it on with a black tank top and it all came together quite well! It was a good find and I would have never have bought that if I was on my own. I think we get this idea in our heads that we wouldn’t suit something that we don’t usually wear because we
get scared that we won’t be able to pull it off. A bit of encourgement from a friend goes a long. They seem to pick out things that they can see on you so you trust their judgement.

The outfit was a great success and I loved how it all came together. It was lucky I had Crissy with me to pick out my outfit otherwise I never would have thought of it!


You make me laugh, you make me smile. You already make me feel so special. I’m so overwhelmed by this I don’t know what to do!

And all things nice

I have always been a fan of scones and having them twice since being here, I realised how much I missed them!

Scones are good anywhere but nothing can beat true English scones. They are nice and crumbly and the jams and clotted cream that come with them are absolutely divine.

I want to bake my own and eat them for the rest of my life! Mmmm… Delish!

Give me Rhe Rhe!

I have not driven a car for about two months now! And let me say, I miss it so much I am having withdrawals! My car, who my best friend and I call Rhe Rhe because of the number plate, does me proud and I really do miss driving her around. She’s getting on now, but she gets me from A to B. I wish I could send her over to me!

Being in a country knowing you can drive but have no car is so hard to deal with at times. I feel less independent and feel like I can’t do as much. I caught a bus to meet up with a friend today and it felt so weird because I never use public transport and it made me realise how dependent I am on my car.

Another thing is that most cars here are manual and I only know how to drive an automatic. I have learned manual briefly before, but not enough to feel confident driving a manual car. My cousin is going to teach me how to drive manual in his car at some point though, so I’m looking forward to that. Then I will apply for an international driving licence too.

Other than that, I am considering getting a car here. I will need to save a bit to at least get something drivable. I am not really fussed as long as it gets me from A to B. My friend is considering getting another car and offered to sell me hers for a reasonable price so I wouldn’t mind doing that if I got the money together.

All this talk of cars and driving is making me so keen to get back into driving again. I know I will. And when I do, I cannot wait to get my bare hands on that steering wheel once again.

London town

Next month I am going up to London for a weekend and will be staying with my cousin. It has been 11 years since I have stood in front of Big Ben and been in Trafalgar Square where pigeons are now in absence.

This is going to be such an exciting time and I am looking forward to exploring this amazing city yet again, but remembering it and appreciating it more this time now that I’m older.

I plan to take a lot of photos while I’m there, like ones in those red telephone booths.

I am sure I will make many trips up to London, including going there this July for the Olympics which start the day after my birthday and what perfect timing too.

I’m sure London is just as beautiful, if not more than what I vaguely remember of it when I last saw it.

A bump in the road

I missed out on my daily blog for yesterday which I am a little disappointed about however, I am not going to make a habit of it.

Yesterday and part of today were tough. I woke up late as usual on a Sunday since I work late every Saturday night and even though I try all efforts in waking up by at least eleven or twelve, I always manage to sleep in until 2:30pm to make sure I have completely recovered from such a busy shift.

I have been feeling homesick over the past week but yesterday it really seemed to hit hard. There are certain triggers that start it off such as not being able to drive knowing I can drive, not catching up with work friends enough, seeing my cousins together as sisters knowing I can’t be with my own (as beautiful as it is to see my cousin’s together) to name a few.

I had isolated myself in my room until lunchtime today and I had not eaten for 30 hours. I felt so hungry at first, but then I felt OK. My body was used to it. I guess I just wanted to be on my own and only speak with my loved ones back home. It was nothing against my family here but I wasn’t ready to face up to them yet about anything going on. They were all extremely worried and tried to get me to come out for food but to no avail.

I did get to speak to my best friend Louise over skype and we both got pretty emotional, but it was good to hear her voice. It was comforting. She reminded me that even though we are so far apart and really wish we were with each other, she knows that I had to take this trip and experience it for what it is.

When I finally let my family in this morning, I had a good chat with my auntie and we sorted everything out. I felt so bad for worrying them but I just wanted to get passed what I was feeling. My auntie felt like she had done something wrong but I reassured her that it wasn’t anything to do with her at all.

I also got to speak to my beautiful sister on skype and that also helped my day get off to a bright start 🙂

It was also good to get some food into me and have a nice hot shower.

My cousins were so pleased I was feeling more myself. Now I write this with no intention of attention seeking or pity because I never like to portray that idea despite my down days. I have always believed in being honest through this blog and this is my only goal here. I express only the truth. And I tell it like it is.

I am feeling much better apart from the fact I may have given myself a sore throat from having no food or drink yesterday but that’s my own fault.

Homesickness is completely normal and I know I was bound to feel this way at some point. Once I get a day job and do more social things, I will start to feel homesick less and less.

I have been invited out clubbing on Friday, I have my work Christmas Party next Friday and I will be going to London for a weekend next month and will be staying with my cousin so a lot will be happening!

England I won’t give up on you!

New friends

I love people. I love making new friends, especially overseas while I’m far far away from my beautiful friends back home. To all of you wonderful people who I have met in America and the UK, you know who you are. Thank you for being so welcoming to me, for talking to me and making me laugh. This is definitely what I need when I’m so far from home. I love how we get along and I know we will get closer as time goes on. You are all wonderful!

– Kathy

Have a blast!

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe first weekend of 2012. Travel safe, drink responsibly (I’m sure some are an exception to the rule such as myself at times), party hard and just have fun!

Make it one of the best weekends ever!

Much love,


Like me crazy

There are millions of fanatics when it comes to Facebook. I was convinced to create a Facebook account in my senior secondary school years and back then I had no idea how it worked! It wasn’t as popular as it is now and I’m sure it has had many more users since then.

I must admit, Facebook is pretty addictive and it is one of the very few reasons that I am up so late at night, as pathetic as that is to say. It is such an obsession at times! But the thing is, I know I can live without it. I have deactivated my account a few times before and found that I had more time to focus on more important things and I got so used to being without it that I forgot it existed. The last time I deactivated my account was last August and I only got it back because I’m away travelling so I need my friends and family to know what’s going and on and keep them updated on my journey overseas.

I personally think that Facebook’s whole idea has been abused extremely. People use it as an attention seeking tool, it’s used to bully others, display foul images and there is this whole idea that everyone has to update their status on every thing that they do, even things that are so unnecessary so that people are updated at every moment of what’s going on. Facebook is that common to people that if someone doesn’t have an account, it’s as if you’re looked down upon and it’s not normal to be without it.

People have this idea that they need all these likes and comments on everything they post and are committed to making sure they don’t miss a thing on Facebook. I have been there.

What irritates me is that people can post some really disturbing and unnecessary information on Facebook, information that I wouldn’t want people knowing if it was about myself. It baffles me at times. And it has got to the point that I have even hidden notifications of news feed’s of people that I just don’t want to read about because it’s the same thing all the time.

Another thing is Facebook friends. Last year I deleted about half of my list from over 600 and I’m now down to 300 or so because I didn’t even know most of the people I had in that list and when I thought about it, I didn’t want complete randoms knowing my personal information. Don’t get me wrong, out of the three hundred or so people I have in my friends list, I don’t know every single one of them personally and I think it would be almost impossible to have a friends list in the hundred’s where you know every single one of that one hundred really well. Just saying. Some people have this constant desire to have as many friends as possible to have a bigger friends list.

Apart from that, Facebook can create so much drama and a lot of things are exaggerated when posted up on there. I honestly get sick of reading some things on Facebook that are completely lame and not helpful to anyone. Each to their own I suppose, but I think Facebook is liked a little bit too much.

Like a zombie

For the past three weeks to a month I have been going to bed extremely late, and I’m talking about 2am, 3am late. It’s absolutely insane! And for some odd reason I can’t control myself to do otherwise.

Ever since I was in secondary school, especially in year 12, I was always going to bed really late at night and the main culprit to that was Facebook and the fact that that I felt that being in bed by 10 or 11pm was too early for me. Anytime after 12am seems to feel like a decent hour to go to bed each night but then I pay for the consequences later that day by feeling unfresh and tired.

I know it definitely has something to do with the fact that I have easy access to Facebook via my mobile phone and there somehow always is someone to talk to or comment on into early hours of the morning. It is also the best time to contact my family back home because of the time difference between here and Australia. And every night I’m always watching the TV until about midnight with my cousin and I never go straight to bed after that. I’m either once again on facebook, listening to music or reading my book. But it’s mainly the former. Facebook seems to be the main reason I am up so late. It can be a really bad obsession. And the thing is, I can live without facebook because I have deactivated it a few times before and I don’t have this constant desire to know what everyone is up to all the time. In the past, I have logged out of it completely and turned my phone off so I don’t have that distraction and can get a better night’s sleep but I’ve always bent that rule I’ve set for myself.

Each night I keep telling myself it will be different and that I will be going to bed by at least 11pm, 12 at the very latest. But it never seems to happen. I know it’s not good for my health and my skin and I don’t like the feeling of getting up half way through the day and feeling unrefreshed. It’s my own fault though. I really need to stop this bad habit from continuing any longer.

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