Behind the bar

I have now landed a job that I was aiming for in the UK. I work as a bar attendant at a local night club called Enigma. It is a typical industry to work in while travelling overseas but I’ve always had an interest in this work and I’ve always wanted to show my personality through this type of job role.

I didn’t realise how easy it is to get into hospitality around here. The interview I had didn’t even feel like an an interview at all. It was so quick and easy and the lady that interviewed me was really laid back. I remember how nervous I was going for this job, but at the same time I had a good feeling about it. And what do you know? I end up getting it! Positivity and belief really goes a long way. My family and friends have also been very supportive and behind me all the way.

Once I had got passed my nerves from the interview and getting the job, starting the actual job brought about more feelings of being nervous. I had never done bar work previously before this job and was so worried everything would be so hard. I felt better knowing there were two other new starters with me, although one already had experience in a pub.

When we were showed to the bar and how it works, everything was going in one ear and out the other. It all seemed too confusing to remember what buttons on the till did what and where all the drinks were and how to fill them and serve them. I was almost going to have a break down! I was so nervous to serve customers so I was happy that the club was quiet for a good hour.

Serving my first customer was nerve wracking and I almost ripped him off giving him the wrong change by mistake but it wasn’t long after that, that I suddenly picked up everything so quickly. I don’t even know how it happened but the serving and the pouring all became so easy. All my nerves had disappeared and I was just having fun with it. The atmosphere and energy was fantastic! The music was blaring and everyone was just having a good time. You just feel like dancing!

I also work with some really friendly and helpful people which made things a lot less stressful. I did have to open up myself a little more to people who who weren’t so talkative, but we seemed to get on well.

I’m not a pro or anything, but this job really is easy once you get the hang of it. I’m still learning but I do know the basics and have dealt with the most common drinks that people order. I’m just not so confident with beers. I need more practice on knowing the different ones and pouring those, otherwise I’m fine. I can’t wait for my next shift 🙂

On top of Enigma, I also will be starting a pub job at some point after today. Everything is just happening for me at the moment! These are good times.

This is my Enigma shirt. I love uniforms! You feel so apart of something 🙂

A day in the life of my UK family

I’m at a very big advantage having family to stay with in the UK. I’m lucky that I had a British father who still has relatives living in England. It makes accommodation a lot easier and stress free, and it’s a good excuse to travel and spend time with my family here.

I was going to add in their last name into my blog title, but I decided against it for privacy reasons.

I’m staying with my cousin, his wife and their two young children who I absolutely adore. They’re both girls and they love my company just like I love theirs. It’s great to be around people you can trust and just have a good laugh with and spend time with them in general. That’s why I feel so at home here because I have family to be around so I don’t feel so alone. It has definitely helped with being home sick during the first couple of days since my arrival. Having young children around also keeps my energy up and I find I become so exhausted after playing with them. So it’s been good to keep busy and just hang out with them. My cousin and I also talk a lot about life and the world and his wife and are like sisters, going out for breakfast, coffee and shopping of course! So it’s almost like I haven’t left home!

The time with my family I treasure the most is eating at the table together. I have not done that with my immediate family in Australia since my dad died and because mum started working full time after his passing where she works in the evening and so my sister and I are left to fend for ourselves so we basically eat at any time we want and wherever we want. My dad was the main reason we all got together as a family because we all had more spare time. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat as a family because it’s been a while but it’s nice to get a feel of that again. It makes me realise how much I miss it when my dad was around. It’s just a great way to be together and talk and laugh with each other. It’s my favourite time of the day with them and I always get so excited about it each time I am leaving from work of an evening.

I believe it’s so important to spend time with your family as much as you can because they are so special and are a major part of your life. I have been a little sad my family and I back home don’t get as much time together as we’d like. So we make the most of the time we’re at home together. It is good to have our own space though, now that my sister and I are older, but family time is always special.

They always make you feel better when you have a bad day at work or if anything else gets you down.

I’m so happy I’m staying with my family here in the UK. We are all very close and I am grateful I get to spend the next year with them. We have a lot of plans ahead and I look forward to spending more time together and creating even stronger bonds than what we have now.

Ignorance is bliss

If someone tries to annoy me by attacking me and saying bad things about me to try and bring me down, I get so tempted to fire up and write horrible things back to defend myself and make that other person look bad.

Well what I’ve learned is that it’s not always necessary to fight back or try and reason with people because I see that as sinking to their level by bringing them down when they have done the same to you. Not only that, but if they are the ones who are angry and are adamant about their view of you as a person and reasons against you it’s pretty obvious they could care less about what you have to say back if you plan to write an essay of a reply. A lot of people also want the attention and expect you to reply as well, even though they won’t care about what you have to say. That’s why I believe in doing the opposite of what they expect because ignorance is bliss! People will be shocked and pissed off when they realise that you are not giving them the time of day.

By responding, you are also opening the line of communication between you and that person and you are allowing them a reason to respond, and possibly say even worse things back to you. It’s not worth the drama and it’s too much energy to fight back. Sometimes the best thing to say, is to say nothing at all. As long as you don’t let people bring you down and you know you’re right, at least you’re being the bigger person. Make them look like the fools for wasting their time on you!

A whole new world

Okay so it’s been just over a week since I last blogged… it got to the point where I was having blogging withdrawals because it feels so normal of my routine now but not to worry! I will be catching up on all my missed days, even if I cover them briefly. So last time I left off from last Tuesday, the 4th of October so this blog will be following from Wednesday October 5. That day was to be very exciting because my auntie planned for me and her to go to LA and stay with family friends up there. Although I was excited, I was stressing a little because it was planned so last minute and I had nothing ready! I was in bed until about midday that day because I was pretty tired and to honest, a little tipsy from the night out with my neighbour the night before so I was feeling very apathetic. But I knew we were to leave later that afternoon so that motivated me to jump in the shower and get ready to go! How could I feel lazy for a trip to LA right? LOL. Crazy girl! So the excitement really started to kick in once I had got dressed and got my things ready. I must admit, due to being a woman, it was a struggle to pack a week’s worth of clothing and basic necessities into an overnight bag because I tend to over pack but I managed to do it!

My uncle dropped my auntie and I off to the bus/rail station at around 4:30pm because my auntie and I were catching a bus from downtown San Francisco to the train station for a changeover on to the Amtrak service for a 6 hour trip, only to change over again to another bus for the remaining 2 hours to LA. My auntie and I were very lucky to get the train because 5:15pm was the last service and thanks to the really nice gentleman working at the ticket box, he manged to fit us in. I don’t want to blab on too much about everything that happened in detail because I’m sure you will lose interest quickly and I would rather get to the point.

The train was really great, it was two levels and had tables, food etc like you’re on a plane. It was awesome! Within that 6 hours of the train ride, I came across a man who approached me, asking me where I was headed. I told him LA and he was headed to San Diego and from there going to Mexico and from that point on we talked the whole trip! I found this man really fascinating. He’s a writer for books and screenplays and he does it for a living! But not one of his pieces have ever been published or used in productions. But he’s okay with it because he makes a living out of it! He mentioned he contributed to the research of the film: ‘A beautiful mind’ with Russell Crowe which is one of my favourite films. I could tell that this man was very intelligent and had a lot to say for himself and he really captured me because I love to write and read myself, but preferably the latter. I liked him because he’s a traveller too and he has been travelling since he was 15. I find that so amazing that he started at such a young age and still continues to do it into his near 60’s. We talked about life, dreams and goals. He gave me some good advice on some things as we exchanged some of our live stories, he also recommended for me to read a book about reincarnation because he gave me a really interesting prospect about it. He was hypnotised by an author of this book called ‘Life after life’ and he told me that when he was under he was speaking a totally different language and going back to a different time where he could speak this language. I found it fascinating because how could you speak another language so fluently if you don’t even know it in this lifetime? That made me wonder and became interested in reading this book. I felt like this man was my mentor in a way and I had only met him on this trip! He gave me great life advice, and inspired me to sing because it’s what I love to do. He also said I had a unique look about me which I felt great about and appreciated his compliment. Anyway, he invited me auntie and I to come visit him in Mexico because he lives in a beach house up there with his partner and it only cost him $50, 000! I didn’t know Mexico was that cheap! And omg oops, having verbal diarrhea right now when I said I wouldn’t go on lol. Don’t fret, after this it will be much more brief 🙂

So I was in LA until Tuesday and had an amazing time! I went to Vegas while I was there for two days, fit some shopping in and for those of you girls who love cheap stores (I couldn’t imagine who wouldn’t) go to Forever 21 if you ever come to America. They have the best clothes there and they are really cheap! The store I went to was HUGE! I could have been in there for hours! I didn’t know where to start! Amongst doing all that, I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios which were both really great experiences. I love travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing life. There is so much out there in this beautiful world and I learn something new everyday here. Since day 1, I am still enjoying my trip more than ever and do not want to go back home! I’m so happy here!

And this is me at Univeral Studios with Alex from Madagascar 🙂

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