The sunshine state

I’ve been in Queensland over the weekend and will be leaving tomorrow unfortunately. It’s been a wonderful 4 days before I hit the cold winter of the UK on Sunday.

On Friday I went to Australia Zoo and saw the cutest animals! Koalas, joeys, red panda’s, tigers and heaps more. Saturday I went to the Beenleigh Events Centre to watch a stage play called ‘Seven brides for seven brothers’ which was great and on Sunday I went to Sutton’s Beach in Redcliffe where there was a beautiful breeze and the water was not too cold and not too warm. Today I went to Dreamworld and went on most of the thrill rides including the new ‘Buzz Saw’.

Tonight will be ended with a family barbecue and some family photos which will be nice and then back to Melbourne tomorrow. It’s been a great four days and I’m bummed I’ll be missing out on the summer but it’s been good to get some sunshine.

Here is a photo from Suttons Beach. Brisbane you’re amazing!


A long missed summer

I’m lucky that since I’ve been in America the weather has been on my side up until now. I wasn’t looking forward to the weather before I got here and I had all my winter clothes prepared for the Autumn season but the days were so hot! Especially in LA. It was that hot sometimes I even wore shorts! But now, since the start of November it has started to really get cold.

So whilst I’m here for the remaining few days of my holiday rugged up in blankets and wearing socks, beanie’s and over sized jumpers, my friends and family are lapping it up in the hot weather and going out to the beach. I guess I’m leaving the US in good timing 🙂

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