Don’t worry, be happy

Since I had a rough week last week having a hard time dealing with homesickness, I decided to post this photo up of me at a time I was really happy and calm, and also somewhere that is my favourite place to be – the beach! Starting to feel much better now thanks to the weather and my friends, especially having an awesome girlie day out today with Lisa.


If anyone else is having a hard time, I have this photo up for you too to remind you all to treasure the good moments in your life and be as happy as you can be despite the bad times.

Take care, be strong, happy smiling and god bless!

Love Kathy


Be who you are, and do it on purpose

This blog is inspired by one of my good friends Christopher Stefano. Since receiving the a’okay from him to write about a recent incident he went through, I have decided to share it with you all. Chris is gay and his mum’s friend is a homophobe and she had recently put him down and cursed at him for his sexuality saying things like ‘it is all an act and that he tries to be gay, dresses like a freak and will never succeed in life’. Chris being someone I really care about, knowing that this happened has hurt and angered me that people can say such a thing. What I am most proud of about Chris in this situation is that he never backed down on who he is and he wasn’t afraid to make that clear to her. He stays true to himself and doesn’t care what people think of him. And that makes him such a strong, happy and true person. And I love him for that. I am not a judgemental person myself and I have absolutely nothing against gays and lesbians. I accept people for who they are no matter what their sexuality. I just can’t seem to understand why others have to be so rude against it. His situation really stresses the importance of being who you are and staying true to that no matter what anyone else thinks. It also shows that some people are extremely judgemental and ignorant and that they are the ones who truly aren’t happy in their own lives. They’re either lacking something, are jealous, don’t really feel good about themselves and are insecure. And I think that’s the most important thing to realise too because you shouldn’t let people bring you down when you know who you are and you’re proud of it. Chris’s situation reminds me of quite a few people who have put me down, just because they have nothing better to do. Namely, my ex. Similarly, as what I have stated in my ‘Just laugh it off’ and ‘Ignorance is bliss’ blogs I think it is so important to just laugh at those who bring you down, ignore them and keep them out of your life! Because in the end, they are the ones who need a reality check in their own lives! And if they were truly happy, they wouldn’t be saying negative things about you or towards you to bring you down. That is such an important lesson I have learned; is to just be myself, not be afraid of that and be proud of who I am and always stay true to that. If people aren’t happy with who I am and don’t accept me for me then it’s their loss. And I don’t care because if you can’t take me as I am then really, you’re just not a genuine person and I don’t need that in my life. NO ONE does. Get rid of negative, judgmental, ignorant people because they are just toxic and will ruin your life if you let them in. Say NO, be true to who you are, never be afraid of it and live your life as happily as you can. Surround yourself with good, positive people and I am more than certain you are going to succeed in life.

All the best!
– Kathy

This is my amazing friend Chris, isn’t he gorgeous!

Hero of all time

My best friend in the whole world passed away almost 5 years ago now. And that person was my dad. Every day I miss him and wish he was here in my life physically. I know he is here in spirit and watching over me but it isn’t the same. I know he is in a better place now though, not suffering anymore.

I was 16 when he died. To this day I still think it is quite a young age to lose a father. But, I’m thankful that I was at an age that I knew him, grew up with him and made memories with him that I won’t ever forget.

We did everything together. I loved doing DIY work at home with him the most. And I loved how he always joked around and made me laugh. And what I love about him the most is that if I was ever upset about anything, his voice was the only voice I needed to hear to let me know everything was going to be okay. He was one of the most gentle, calmest people I have ever known.

Sometimes I can openly talk about his passing like I am now but other times it is awkward and hard. What inspired me to write this blog was the film ‘Breaking Dawn’. The scene where Bella gets married and her dad gives her away made me think about the fact that my dad won’t be there to give me away on my wedding day. Bella and her dad are also close which took me back to my relationship with my own father. I really miss him. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it even though I have moved on in my life. He will never be forgotten and he still is apart of my life even though he’s gone.

I’m so proud I have had the strength to get through such a tragic time in my life but it has made me such a strong person and makes me realise that I can conquer anything.

I will always miss my dad but his legacy will always live on and he is an inspiration to me to keep living life happily, the way he would want for me. I’m sure he is looking down on me giving me a big smile 🙂 He is the reason I live everyday. I live and breathe for him because I know he would want me to be happy.

Forever in my heart and mind.

Michael Joseph Crofton Sleigh,
I love you forever and always.

UK bound

This is it. Tonight is the night. I fly out to England at 11:55pm and won’t be home for a year. It really hasn’t sunk in that I’ll be leaving yet. It has come around so quickly.

It only felt like yesterday I was leaving for America in September and I’ve already been and gone from there, was back in Australia for a week and went to Queensland and now I’ll be jet setting again! It’s a great feeling though and I love how much I’ve traveled so far. America was a good head start into traveling on my own so I’m definitely not nervous about the plane flight by myself. I have gained a lot during and since America that I feel more prepared for England now. The nerves I feel now are mainly linked to the fact I’ll be gone for a year and will be away from my friends and family. I know I also have a lot of challenges ahead of me in the UK in reference to working, meeting new friends, getting used to the lifestyle and the place and basically starting a new life for myself. I still can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I was almost going to pull out of this and America because of my ex and I’m so glad I did not make that decision based around him. That would have been a very big mistake.

I’ve always loved travel and it’s already done wonders for me so I’m sure the UK will be the same. It will be hard to settle in and get used to things but I’m sure it will eventually feel like home and I won’t want to leave. I may even end up staying there if I like it that much but it’s still early days to be knowing that. According to my friends and family, I’m not allowed to stay in England if I decide I want to even though I know apart of them is joking, they do want me to come back but will support me whatever happens.

It’s so strange that I won’t be home for so long and will be away from everything I’m used to. I’m just glad I have a really supportive group of friends who reassure me and give me the best advice for my trip, especially my friends who have traveled and lived overseas for a year’s time too. It helps to know that I have friends who have been through the same experience and are always willing to give me their support if I’m ever stuck or lost about anything.

There’s no going back after tonight since the ticket has been booked. Although, I can always go back home at any stage if I’m really that uncomfortable but I really do want to give England a chance and I never would have known until I was there on how I felt about it. And I most likely would have regretted it later if I pulled out. I’m going to grow even more as a person and will come back a different one in a good way so I’m sure everything will work out the way it’s meant to and for now, it’s all about taking each day as it comes and living for the moment.

England here I come!

Lady of Fatima

My auntie and uncle are extremely religious; they are Catholics who stress the importance of praying each and every day. In their home, they have an altar dedicated to God which has statues of Santo Niño – who is a Filipino symbol of God, they also have ornaments and pictures of Jesus and Mary which are all surrounded by lights, candles and flowers. It’s a really beautiful set up. Here is a photo of it:


This past week has been really important for my family because Lady Mary had been delivered to their place to stay for a week so they could pray to her every night for her guidance and protection over us. I was involved and prayed with them on Wednesday night, Sunday night and tonight. I am a strong believer in God as I am a Catholic myself but I never usually pray in this way, and to Mary directly. I was a little new to it, but it was a nice thing to do. I could really feel her and God through our prayers and songs to her.

It was Mary’s last night in auntie’s home so some visitors, including the group that organised her delivery came along for the final prayer. I was asked to be the lead which I was quite nervous about because I didn’t want to stuff anything up during prayer but the organiser Helen guided me through and gave me a booklet to read through. We held rosaries and prayed and sang. It was lovely.

It’s actually a coincidence that Mary was here during my holiday because she was also here the last time I came to America when I was ten and I remember praying with my family at that time. My auntie told me I was lucky she’s here again because it means she’s here to guide me and wants me to be in her presence. I believe that too. And I thank God she was here for me during this week.

Although I make more more efforts in praying every night, having Mary here has made me feel God even more and to never forget to pray, and to always know that they are here to help is and guide us through life; struggles and good moments.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for God. I will never stop believing because there is no life without God. He has helped me out through everything in my life.

And to Mary, may you always protect each and every one of us, guide us and help us whenever we need you.

My love for you endures forever.


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