London town

Next month I am going up to London for a weekend and will be staying with my cousin. It has been 11 years since I have stood in front of Big Ben and been in Trafalgar Square where pigeons are now in absence.

This is going to be such an exciting time and I am looking forward to exploring this amazing city yet again, but remembering it and appreciating it more this time now that I’m older.

I plan to take a lot of photos while I’m there, like ones in those red telephone booths.

I am sure I will make many trips up to London, including going there this July for the Olympics which start the day after my birthday and what perfect timing too.

I’m sure London is just as beautiful, if not more than what I vaguely remember of it when I last saw it.


Feels like home

I haven’t even been in the UK for a week and things really seem to be on the bright side and going really well. The first two days were hard because I was so jet lagged, sick and my sleeping pattern was all over the place. But since mid week, things have been looking up. I started to look for work and I went into Job Shop on Friday and I had been given a job which I start next week. I have also been given an interview for a bar job and fingers crossed that works out but I’ll be okay if it doesn’t because I’m just glad I’ll be giving it a go.

I’m so happy I have settled in and adapted to things quite quickly. I’m pretty good with adapting to new things anyway so I knew I just needed a little time to adjust.

Staying with family is also a huge bonus because I don’t feel so alone and they’ve been a great help to me showing me around and making me feel very welcome. Sometimes it feels I haven’t even left Australia because I feel so at home here. The food isn’t all that different, and the community here appear to be quite friendly. I haven’t met anyone properly but in passing and being served in the shops, most people I have come across seem nice and approachable.

I’m a little nervous about my job not in the sense of the work as such but more so the people. I’m a very sociable and friendly person myself and I can’t handle snobby people very well because I’m not used to it and I don’t like those kind of people. So I hope I’m in a friendly environment. I’m just going to go to work with an open mind and nothing can go wrong.

I really love it here and I’m staying with my amazing family who I get along with so well, especially my two young cousins who are absolutely adorable! It helps to have that kind of company around if I ever feel lonely and miss home.

Sometimes I can’t believe I’m here but for the most part I really feel like I’ve been here longer than I have and it just feels so natural to be in this country. I’m so blessed I have this opportunity to experience different places and different things. And I’m very grateful that I can work here. It’s only going to open up more doors of opportunity.

England you do me proud! You haven’t failed me and you’ve been everything I’ve dreamed about and so much more.

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