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This would have to be the most beautiful but tragic love story of all time…


I loved it but I hated it.

A beautiful romance

I watched the movie ‘Love happens over the weekend and was just listening to ‘When I look at you’ by Miley Cyrus which is from the film ‘The Last Song’. Both of those films made me think of on screen movie romances because they both involve intense romance between the main characters. I thought of some of the really adorable on screen romances that are my most favourite and here is a list of my top ten (in no specific order):

1. Jamie and Landon – A walk to remember
2. Jack and Rose – Titantic
3. Ronnie and Will – The Last Song
4. Gerry and Holly – P.S. I love you
5. Danielle and Henry – Ever After
6. Sandy and Danny –Grease
7. Kat and Patrick – 10 Things I hate about you
8. Allie and Noah – The Notebook
9. Hanna and Michael – The Reader
10. Katey and Javier – Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

I am a huge fan of all of these films and I love the connection each of these characters have between one another in each film. They all portray the essence of true love. Absolutely amazing.

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