Family, friends and the social life

I’ve been a little slack on keeping up with my daily posts and since I did not blog for yesterday, this blog will be in reference to then and I will also be blogging for today so you will have two reads to keep you all busy!

Yesterday was pretty busy apart from the slowish morning I had. I finally went to bed at a decent hour the Monday night before, which for me was around 10 and that never happens so I told myself I would get up early on the Tuesday to go on a run.  When Tuesday morning came around, I managed to get up after a decent night’s sleep but as soon as I saw the gloominess and rain drops outside, my very eager emotions soon turned to lack of motivation and no interest. I was pretty disappointed in myself because I had been exercising for 4 days straight and I told myself I would only have 1 or two rest days, which I already did on Sunday and Monday. It’s okay though because I had a pretty healthy breakfast which included a piece of fruit, and I don’t eat as much here as I do at home and I know I’ll be running again anyway so my drive is not lost!

And so I wasn’t going to be inside the house all day! I went downtown with my auntie and uncle who needed to run some errands and later that afternoon we picked up my cousin Lisa from work. But the day didn’t end there. My uncle was driving from market to market so my auntie could buy the necessary ingredients for her cooking business. It was evening by the time we got home and I was feeling sleepy from the early wake up so I had a little nap. About 15 minutes later, I was awoken by my cousin who asked if I wanted to go out with their neighbour Grace who I met on Sunday night when they took me out bowling. I was pretty keen since I wanted to catch up and do something with someone around my age. Grace took me out to Elephant Bar in Serramonte where we had some nibbles and a couple of drinks. This place was pretty busy for a Tuesday night, it was awesome! It was really nice for me since I felt like I was back at home catching up with my friends.  As much as I’m having fun with and love my family, it was good to experience social life with someone who I could speak to on the same level as me. All in all I had a really good night and it was good to feel at home. Hello to more adventures!

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