One day

This would have to be the most beautiful but tragic love story of all time…


I loved it but I hated it.

Danny boy

My future husband:

And to you know who, he isn’t yours! He’s mine! Haha. I love this sexy piece of man 😉

Oceans apart

One of the hardest parts of being so far away from home is not being able to spend time with my friends, my best friends in particular. I communicate with my best friend Louise everyday through email and that gives me a lot of comfort because it feels like I’m with her and that I never left. Our emails keep me going when I miss her terribly.

Luckily she has plans to visit in the summer which is so exciting. It will be so surreal to see her in the flesh! I cannot wait for our plans overseas.

Louise is the one person who knows me inside out and she never judges me for anything. I love our solid friendship and being away makes me realise how close we really are and I treasure her even more now and don’t take her for granted. Thank goodness there are such things as email and skype otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do!

I wish she was with me everyday!

I love you bestie ❤


New outfits and all sorts

Don’t you just love it when you manage to pull off an outfit you wouldn’t think would suit you? I find that this always seems to happen when I am out shopping with a friend and they end up picking something out for me that I would normally turn a blind eye to.

On the weekend, I went into Torquay to find an outfit for my work Christmas party on the Sunday that just passed. My friend Crissy came with me and she basically picked my whole outfit! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for because I didn’t know how dressy I wanted to look but after walking through H&M she discovered a very bright orange zip skirt. Now normally, I wouldn’t wear orange at all but I was convinced to try it on with a black tank top and it all came together quite well! It was a good find and I would have never have bought that if I was on my own. I think we get this idea in our heads that we wouldn’t suit something that we don’t usually wear because we
get scared that we won’t be able to pull it off. A bit of encourgement from a friend goes a long. They seem to pick out things that they can see on you so you trust their judgement.

The outfit was a great success and I loved how it all came together. It was lucky I had Crissy with me to pick out my outfit otherwise I never would have thought of it!

Have a blast!

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe first weekend of 2012. Travel safe, drink responsibly (I’m sure some are an exception to the rule such as myself at times), party hard and just have fun!

Make it one of the best weekends ever!

Much love,


‘Tis the season…

It’s that time of year again, all things hectic and crazy. I can’t believe how quick this year has gone and that Christmas is only 3 days away. As like every December, (accept this time I’m in another country) everywhere is busy and everyone is rushing around doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Today I did mine, and since I’m away from home, I’m lucky I didn’t have the stress of buying for too many people. Each year it seems so much harder to find gifts for my friends and family because they either have everything they need or don’t want anything at all.

This year, although it was somewhat stressful, I knew what I wanted to get for my family here based on discovery questions and observing what they like. Even though that was the case, I was in one shop for almost an hour trying to figure out what to get and choose between one thing another which did stress me out -as always I was just so indecisive! But once I did some hunting, I ended up finding the perfect gifts for my family members. PHEW! It is such a relief and a massive load off your shoulders when you have bought all your Christmas presents. It’s even better when you get it done in one day and you’re happy with the costs! I always get excited with gift giving because I love the look on people’s faces when they see what you’ve given them, knowing that they love what you got them.

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Christmas and I don’t get excited about it anymore. This has been the case since my dad passed away and it’s also probably because I’m not a kid anymore so I’ve grown out of it and I don’t care much for presents because I don’t expect anything. I don’t need all that much, and these days I buy what I need myself. In saying that though, I do really appreciate any gifts I do get.

This Christmas in particular will be different and hard because one; I’ll be having a Christmas winter, two; it will be another Christmas without my dad and three; it will be my first Christmas away from my mum and dearest sister and I really do miss them and I do wish we were together but I’m thankful I have a family here to celebrate with. I will try my hardest to be happy because of that.

As this is meant to be a happy time and one that is about being with family, unfortunately I have heard that young lives have been lost due to car accidents back home in Australia and here, in Devon. For those families who have been affected by these tragic incidents, may God give you strength during this difficult time and may those who have died, rest in peace. I wish everyone safe travels if anyone plans to be away for the Christmas season. And to anyone else who has passed away before Christmas, may you rest in peace and may God keep your loved ones strong. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish you all a safe and very Merry Christmas!

– Kathy

Going solo

Months ago I used to absolutely hate being single. After my ex, I wished to be with someone constantly and I never thought I would ever find that one Mr. Right. As I have mentioned in my ‘Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely’ blog, I talk about how I felt I had to catch up to my friends who were in serious relationships. Through experience, I discovered that it wasn’t the right path to go down. I set myself up for disappointment and false hope with guys who could care less about me as a person. It’s all part of the learning experience anyway. But through all that, it has made me realise that I don’t ever want to revolve my life around that one guy because you never know what can happen and the majority are either of the following:
– they are just after sex
– they use you, get bored of you and don’t love you anymore
– they cheat
I don’t believe all guys are bad because I have good guy friends but through experience, I have come to learn that most guys could care less about you and one girl is never enough for them. You can’t ever really trust them, and you’d be lucky to have a guy who truly cares about you and loves you for you.

This isn’t an attack on all guys, but through my own experiences and through those of my friends, I have absolutely no interest in them at this point in time. Not to be in a relationship anyway. They are way too much drama and only cause trouble. I’m just so glad I am single and enjoy life not having to deal with boy dramas. I think after being in a serious relationship for 3 years, and during a time I was really young and naive, I think I owe it to myself to give all that time back to me, for when I wasn’t on my own. Already in these few months I have started getting to know myself again and I’m happier because I am dedicating my time to me and focusing on my wants and needs. I now know what I want in a guy in the future when I’m willing and ready to allow someone in and be able to trust them enough to let them have me if I feel they are worthy.

For the moment, the single life is really fun for me. I do everything that I want to do and I don’t have to run it by anyone. I also have so much more time for myself. I’m such a happier and stronger person this way. I’m so proud to say I’m happy on my own and this is how it will stay for a while.


A beautiful romance

I watched the movie ‘Love happens over the weekend and was just listening to ‘When I look at you’ by Miley Cyrus which is from the film ‘The Last Song’. Both of those films made me think of on screen movie romances because they both involve intense romance between the main characters. I thought of some of the really adorable on screen romances that are my most favourite and here is a list of my top ten (in no specific order):

1. Jamie and Landon – A walk to remember
2. Jack and Rose – Titantic
3. Ronnie and Will – The Last Song
4. Gerry and Holly – P.S. I love you
5. Danielle and Henry – Ever After
6. Sandy and Danny –Grease
7. Kat and Patrick – 10 Things I hate about you
8. Allie and Noah – The Notebook
9. Hanna and Michael – The Reader
10. Katey and Javier – Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

I am a huge fan of all of these films and I love the connection each of these characters have between one another in each film. They all portray the essence of true love. Absolutely amazing.

A blissful life

So things are once again looking up. As you know, it has been a slightly stressful week because of feeling homesick and feeling guilty about not taking the pub job but it’s safe to say that the stressful phase has passed like I knew it would. And I’m over the fact I rejected the pub job because I realised that it just wouldn’t be for me.

The weekend put me in such a good mood. On Friday I went to Torquay which is by such a beautiful sea front. I took some photos there. And I also fit in some shopping and managed to find myself a bargain!

I bought this beautiful baby for only £4.40 (roughly 6 bucks) thanks to 20% off the original price AND a £10 off voucher. It’s in my favourite colour too 🙂 SCORE!

Work at Enigma tonight was so much fun like last weekend. The energy was amazing and I met some new friendly faces and it made me feel even more comfortable than I already was. I love my job 🙂

I also love spending time with my two little cousins who I absolutely adore. They keep me going by rushing around after them and playing with them. I love them so much.

Life can only get better and no words can really describe how immensely happy I am. I just feel so free and vibrant. I don’t mind if some people are bothered by it because I go on about it. Everyone deserves to be and feel happy. Why wouldn’t you want the world to know?

A day in the life of my UK family

I’m at a very big advantage having family to stay with in the UK. I’m lucky that I had a British father who still has relatives living in England. It makes accommodation a lot easier and stress free, and it’s a good excuse to travel and spend time with my family here.

I was going to add in their last name into my blog title, but I decided against it for privacy reasons.

I’m staying with my cousin, his wife and their two young children who I absolutely adore. They’re both girls and they love my company just like I love theirs. It’s great to be around people you can trust and just have a good laugh with and spend time with them in general. That’s why I feel so at home here because I have family to be around so I don’t feel so alone. It has definitely helped with being home sick during the first couple of days since my arrival. Having young children around also keeps my energy up and I find I become so exhausted after playing with them. So it’s been good to keep busy and just hang out with them. My cousin and I also talk a lot about life and the world and his wife and are like sisters, going out for breakfast, coffee and shopping of course! So it’s almost like I haven’t left home!

The time with my family I treasure the most is eating at the table together. I have not done that with my immediate family in Australia since my dad died and because mum started working full time after his passing where she works in the evening and so my sister and I are left to fend for ourselves so we basically eat at any time we want and wherever we want. My dad was the main reason we all got together as a family because we all had more spare time. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat as a family because it’s been a while but it’s nice to get a feel of that again. It makes me realise how much I miss it when my dad was around. It’s just a great way to be together and talk and laugh with each other. It’s my favourite time of the day with them and I always get so excited about it each time I am leaving from work of an evening.

I believe it’s so important to spend time with your family as much as you can because they are so special and are a major part of your life. I have been a little sad my family and I back home don’t get as much time together as we’d like. So we make the most of the time we’re at home together. It is good to have our own space though, now that my sister and I are older, but family time is always special.

They always make you feel better when you have a bad day at work or if anything else gets you down.

I’m so happy I’m staying with my family here in the UK. We are all very close and I am grateful I get to spend the next year with them. We have a lot of plans ahead and I look forward to spending more time together and creating even stronger bonds than what we have now.

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