Hello from the sunny USA!

Sight of the Golden Gate Bridge

So it just so happens that I am in the land of America visiting family, getting away from routine and monotonous activities back home and getting away to escape certain dramas and block out negative issues (no I’m not a nutcase! Just human). I guess you could call it a bit of a break from reality.

September 20 was the day of my flight to San Francisco International Airport. Feeling nervous and scared as ever (but excited at the same time of course) since it was the first time I was going on a plane by myself and being away from my family for so long. Luckily there weren’t many tears, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop and compose myself if I did cry too much. The flight that what was supposed to be at 10:15am had changed to 11:30 by the time the plane had left the ground. Gate 4 was where I was waiting to board and if it wasn’t for a few group of friends who asked why Air New Zealand Flight 124 had not appeared on Gate 4’s screen, I may not have even left Melbourne Airport! I knew it was a bit odd that the boarding time on my pass stated 9:45am and yet no one was getting called to board the plane by the time it was 10:15am. In the process of eavesdropping into this group of friend’s enquiry, I had realised that gate 4 was now changed from gate 8 and from that to gate 10! Phew! I was actually going to get to San Francisco!

The flight out to New Zealand was quite speedy and as soon as I landed there, it was a quick transfer onto Flight NZ 8 into San Francisco. Since the plane was quite delayed from Melbourne, it wasn’t really much of a stop over at Auckland, LOL. Anyway,  that flight felt like the longest 11 or 12 hours of my life! And it’s probably due to the fact I feel uncomfortable and so confined in planes and I can’t really sleep on them at all. And looking at the clock every hour didn’t help either! Not only that, but I was also in a window seat and only got up to go to the toilet about 2 times because I just couldn’t be bothered getting passed two people to move around. Aisle seats are definitely my preference!

Estimated arrival time was about 10:15am into San Fran but due to all the delays and customs process, I didn’t get out of there until about 12pm! My luggage had also unknowingly ended up at LAX airport and was due to be delivered at my auntie’s place later that evening. It didn’t phase me because I knew my luggage would find it’s way back to me and I got $100 compensation out of it! After all the hustle and bustle, I was welcomed by my beautiful family who I was so excited to see and vice versa. Although feeling quite unclean, a little sick from the flight and feeling homesick, I knew this was going to be an amazing trip as the days went on.

It has now been almost two weeks since I’ve been here and I am absolutely loving it! Life is great! I don’t want to leave, and my family here are so amazing and do so much for me. The last time I came here I was only ten years old so I didn’t really remember all that much and it has now been 11 years, I am now 21 and embracing so much of this beautiful city. The one thing I love about San Francisco the most is that it’s very hilly and everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by amazing mountainous views. One mountain in particular known as San Bruno Mountain is only 15 minutes away from my auntie’s house! Downtown San Francisco is also pretty cool and really busy and so alive day and night which is what I love! I haven’t explored all of downtown as yet but it’s definitely a must before I leave here. I’ve seen Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf) and the San Francisco Bay Aquarium. I’ve also managed to fit in some shopping too. I mainly brought winter clothes here since it is Autumn but the days are hot! And it has not rained once! So I had to invest into some tank tops, shorts and dresses. Mind you, everything is so much cheaper here! From clothing, to food, to transport!

Well, only two weeks and so many more to go and so many more adventures to experience. Scheduled on the list is LA, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Reno, Lake Taho and possibly Canada! This is thanks to my auntie’s friends who offered to take us around. I am so excited and cannot wait to do some more exploring! Life is so great right now and nothing can get in the way of that. Traveling is the best form of therapy I could ever think of and if any of you out there feel lost in life and don’t have a sense of direction, you’re wanting to take a break from work or studies or merely just want to spice up your life a little, save up your money, book that ticket to wherever it is you want to go whether it be a place that’s hot or cold, has clear waters, beaches, snow, whatever it is you like, go and do it! You deserve a good trip! And it’s an experience that no one can take away from you and one that you will gain so much out of.  Go on, you know you want to.

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