Gym junkie to be?

Thanks to my awesome friend Lisa, I have started to get into gym and exercise again. We went to the Genisis Health Suite at The Palace Hotel in Paignton and at first, I was so nervous, we both were, since it was our first session. I was worried about people paying attention and watching me, which I’ve heard is not the case since everyone is doing their own thing and are all there for a reason.

It turns out that I felt so good after it and I didn’t care so much what others were thinking. I did the cross trainer, row machine, treadmill and some sit ups. I could have done more of those if I didn’t work so hard on the cross trainer! At least it was a good hour spent in the gym.

Following that, Lisa and I used the pool which was really relaxing and refreshing after the workout. It was good to get in there! We also took advantage of the spa 🙂


Thank goodness I got to go today because not only am I motivated and driven to go the gym more, but it has made me motivated to start running again since I have missed months of running for the time I’ve been here so it will be good to get into that again.

The only dilemma I have with the gym is the next time I go, I need to be a member and at the moment, I don’t have the funds to join for any of the membership deals. This is where a second job needs to come in! As soon as that is sorted I’ll be on it! For now, I hope Lisa will be fine without a gym buddy for the moment.

I feel so good after today!!


Healthy habits

I’ve been keeping up with my daily exercise routine since I’ve been back from LA. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on too much exercise while I was up there though because I walked around for hours every day! Yesterday I went on an evening run which felt fantastic and today I fit in 40 crunches which is a good start for me and went on a fast pace walk. I still love my junk food but I don’t go near it as much here as I would normally back home. I eat at home most days now and don’t feel so bloated all the time. I also made the decision to reduce how much I drink and even stop drinking for awhile because it still isn’t very good for me at the moment. Although I have a better outlook on life and am a happier person, nothing is perfect and there are still times I stress out a little and there are still underlying issues I am getting past and they somehow always seem to come through in my emotions when I drink. It never brings out the best in me and I always seem to be very emotional towards the end of the night and once I’ve stopped drinking. I recently made a massive fool of myself whilst in LA with some really good people but the funny thing is, I was having a really good night before it all happened. Not that I want to be focusing on that but I guess I thought I was ready to drink again because I’ve been feeling happier but I’ve realised that what’s happened in my life isn’t going to be quickly fixed with alcohol. I accept that though and I’m very patient with taking each day as it comes and taking it slow. Alcohol is not the solution. I need to slowly work my way up again and steer clear of it until I’m more emotionally stable. I am doing much better though as you can see from recent posts and I still love life and will always have an open mind to every situation. I’m happy I’m keeping up with one healthy habit for now at least.

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