Have a blast!

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe first weekend of 2012. Travel safe, drink responsibly (I’m sure some are an exception to the rule such as myself at times), party hard and just have fun!

Make it one of the best weekends ever!

Much love,


Behind the bar

I have now landed a job that I was aiming for in the UK. I work as a bar attendant at a local night club called Enigma. It is a typical industry to work in while travelling overseas but I’ve always had an interest in this work and I’ve always wanted to show my personality through this type of job role.

I didn’t realise how easy it is to get into hospitality around here. The interview I had didn’t even feel like an an interview at all. It was so quick and easy and the lady that interviewed me was really laid back. I remember how nervous I was going for this job, but at the same time I had a good feeling about it. And what do you know? I end up getting it! Positivity and belief really goes a long way. My family and friends have also been very supportive and behind me all the way.

Once I had got passed my nerves from the interview and getting the job, starting the actual job brought about more feelings of being nervous. I had never done bar work previously before this job and was so worried everything would be so hard. I felt better knowing there were two other new starters with me, although one already had experience in a pub.

When we were showed to the bar and how it works, everything was going in one ear and out the other. It all seemed too confusing to remember what buttons on the till did what and where all the drinks were and how to fill them and serve them. I was almost going to have a break down! I was so nervous to serve customers so I was happy that the club was quiet for a good hour.

Serving my first customer was nerve wracking and I almost ripped him off giving him the wrong change by mistake but it wasn’t long after that, that I suddenly picked up everything so quickly. I don’t even know how it happened but the serving and the pouring all became so easy. All my nerves had disappeared and I was just having fun with it. The atmosphere and energy was fantastic! The music was blaring and everyone was just having a good time. You just feel like dancing!

I also work with some really friendly and helpful people which made things a lot less stressful. I did have to open up myself a little more to people who who weren’t so talkative, but we seemed to get on well.

I’m not a pro or anything, but this job really is easy once you get the hang of it. I’m still learning but I do know the basics and have dealt with the most common drinks that people order. I’m just not so confident with beers. I need more practice on knowing the different ones and pouring those, otherwise I’m fine. I can’t wait for my next shift 🙂

On top of Enigma, I also will be starting a pub job at some point after today. Everything is just happening for me at the moment! These are good times.

This is my Enigma shirt. I love uniforms! You feel so apart of something 🙂

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