Merry Christmas!

To all my loved ones in Australia, the UK, America, Philippines and to everyone else around the world I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

May you all have a beautiful day shared with your loved ones, eat up a storm, rip open those presents and for anyone who is travelling during this time, please be safe!

Lots of love,


‘Tis the season…

It’s that time of year again, all things hectic and crazy. I can’t believe how quick this year has gone and that Christmas is only 3 days away. As like every December, (accept this time I’m in another country) everywhere is busy and everyone is rushing around doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Today I did mine, and since I’m away from home, I’m lucky I didn’t have the stress of buying for too many people. Each year it seems so much harder to find gifts for my friends and family because they either have everything they need or don’t want anything at all.

This year, although it was somewhat stressful, I knew what I wanted to get for my family here based on discovery questions and observing what they like. Even though that was the case, I was in one shop for almost an hour trying to figure out what to get and choose between one thing another which did stress me out -as always I was just so indecisive! But once I did some hunting, I ended up finding the perfect gifts for my family members. PHEW! It is such a relief and a massive load off your shoulders when you have bought all your Christmas presents. It’s even better when you get it done in one day and you’re happy with the costs! I always get excited with gift giving because I love the look on people’s faces when they see what you’ve given them, knowing that they love what you got them.

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Christmas and I don’t get excited about it anymore. This has been the case since my dad passed away and it’s also probably because I’m not a kid anymore so I’ve grown out of it and I don’t care much for presents because I don’t expect anything. I don’t need all that much, and these days I buy what I need myself. In saying that though, I do really appreciate any gifts I do get.

This Christmas in particular will be different and hard because one; I’ll be having a Christmas winter, two; it will be another Christmas without my dad and three; it will be my first Christmas away from my mum and dearest sister and I really do miss them and I do wish we were together but I’m thankful I have a family here to celebrate with. I will try my hardest to be happy because of that.

As this is meant to be a happy time and one that is about being with family, unfortunately I have heard that young lives have been lost due to car accidents back home in Australia and here, in Devon. For those families who have been affected by these tragic incidents, may God give you strength during this difficult time and may those who have died, rest in peace. I wish everyone safe travels if anyone plans to be away for the Christmas season. And to anyone else who has passed away before Christmas, may you rest in peace and may God keep your loved ones strong. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish you all a safe and very Merry Christmas!

– Kathy

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