Envision everything

Don’t you find it amazing when you picture something happening in your mind; whether it is dreaming about that new car, seeing yourself with your true love, being wealthy and successful, and it actually comes true and appears right before your eyes?

This is the process of visualisation. And it works wonders if you apply it to your own life.

I use this process and a number of times, things I have thought about eventually come true. There are too many examples to name them all specifically but to name a few, before I came to the UK, working at a bar or club is what I really wanted to do so I imagined myself working behind the bar in some sort of busy club meeting new friends and that has come true for me now. And this might seem borderline stalker, lol but we all do it I’m sure but there is a guy I work with at Enigma who is pretty good looking (luckily I don’t have anyone from work on Facebook for them to see this because I would be the slightest embarrassed) and I just kept imagining seeing him around town, just keep seeing his face in my mind and what do you know? Tonight I briefly see him outside a grocery store randomly! So weird. But it just goes to show that whatever you imagine you want to happen, no matter how big or small, these thoughts become things and what you visualise won’t necessarily come true straight away but it always does eventually.

I discovered this process through reading ‘The Secret’. And it’s really useful to use when you want to have something in your life. For example, if you want that dream car you need to visualise you already have it and then one day, whether it be in weeks, months or years, that dream car you’ve always wanted will be right before your eyes.

I find it so important to visualise what I want because I know it will become real one day. It has already happened for me a number of times and this process hasn’t failed me yet! Well, not that I can think of anyway.

So don’t forget to VISUALISE because everything you’ve been dreaming about will be yours.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is a term used in The Secret which means attracting our thoughts and drawing them to ourselves whether they are good or bad. It is the most powerful law in the universe because YOU attract what you want in your life and whatever thoughts are on your mind, you are emitting that onto a frequency to the Universe and those thoughts are transmitted back to you. Whatever it is you’re feeling is what you will receive.

This law fits in with something that happened to me today – I was at a department store minding my own business when a lovely man came up to me and told me: ‘You are so beautiful’ And it was so unexpected. I was so thankful for his compliment and it was so nice of him to say. He said it in such a respectful way too. Now I don’t intend to be up myself in any way at all here, but I’m happy he said that because I know I am and it’s because I feel good about myself and have been attracting thoughts of high self-esteem, knowing I look good, feeling good within myself that I’m receiving such compliments. I never used to be told this near as much or at all randomly when I had low self esteem because I didn’t believe in myself. I never believed I was beautiful at all.

Being positive and feeling happy within yourself brings so much good into your life. ‘Like attracts like’ as The Secret states and if you are constantly having happy thoughts then you are attracting that back into your life. The more good you feel, the more good things will come to you.

It works the same with negative thoughts. If you keep thinking them, negativity is what you are transmitting back.

‘Everything you want is an inside job! The outside world is the world of effects; it’s the result of thoughts’
– The Secret

Always remember to attract the good instead of the bad!

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