Don’t worry, be happy

Since I had a rough week last week having a hard time dealing with homesickness, I decided to post this photo up of me at a time I was really happy and calm, and also somewhere that is my favourite place to be – the beach! Starting to feel much better now thanks to the weather and my friends, especially having an awesome girlie day out today with Lisa.


If anyone else is having a hard time, I have this photo up for you too to remind you all to treasure the good moments in your life and be as happy as you can be despite the bad times.

Take care, be strong, happy smiling and god bless!

Love Kathy

A long missed summer

I’m lucky that since I’ve been in America the weather has been on my side up until now. I wasn’t looking forward to the weather before I got here and I had all my winter clothes prepared for the Autumn season but the days were so hot! Especially in LA. It was that hot sometimes I even wore shorts! But now, since the start of November it has started to really get cold.

So whilst I’m here for the remaining few days of my holiday rugged up in blankets and wearing socks, beanie’s and over sized jumpers, my friends and family are lapping it up in the hot weather and going out to the beach. I guess I’m leaving the US in good timing 🙂

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