Go the Brits!

After being in England for what will nearly be three months, I have discovered that the people here are so much more laidback compared to back home. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Aussie’s since that’s where I’m from but there is something different about British people.

I notice this a lot when I go out clubbing, people aren’t as rude and guys are much more like gentleman and some are just willing to chat with you without expecting anything. And, I’m sorry to say Aussie guys but British men are total hottie’s and they look so much more tidy. Also, I was approached by some old guy when I went out on Monday night and a total stranger came up to me to make sure I was OK. That would never happen back home unless it was someone’s good friend getting hit on!

When I was in London, some guy overheard I was Australian and told me his last name was ‘Bogan’ and he let me take a photo of his I.D. to prove it. It’s like he didn’t even care I had his details! Not that I’m going to go and find out where this guy lives or anything. People back home would be so cautious of that.

I love people and it really helps to be in a place where others are so welcoming and willing to talk to you and be friendly. Ah, bless this beautiful country.

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