When guys have it easy…

Has anyone realised how easy males have it? They’re not the ones who get periods, they’re not the ones that get pregnant. They can sleep with someone and not worry about having to take the morning after pill or not take it and risk growing a bump! Sometimes I ask myself, is this fair?

One issue I was thinking about a lot today after reading an article in ‘Grazia’ magazine is that the one thing that is considered in a way, socially acceptable for males is the action of sleeping around with other girls. For some reason, the girls get labelled as ‘whores’, or ‘sluts’ for sleeping around. And that’s not to say that all girls are like that, but even the ones who have the odd one night stands can be looked down upon and yet for guys it’s just considered perhaps normal or acceptable in society.

We all know when it’s too far and some girls just want some every moment they can get! But what about the ones who decide to have the odd one nightstand? The ones who genuinely won’t emotionally regret it and just want to have fun? Would they then, still deserve to be classified as sluts?

You here the term ‘man whore’ being thrown around but it isn’t used very often for males because to sleep around for them isn’t considered a big deal. I guess since a lot of them are known for it. But when will it be the day that they will get such a label as ours and it isn’t considered socially acceptable? I doubt that day will ever come.

Give some of these girls a break! Having a one night stand does not make them whores. And I guess it all stems from what beliefs you have on sex before marriage too.

Well, at least there are guys out there who don’t represent that majority anyway. But for those that do, you’re pretty darn lucky you don’t get labelled the same way girls do when it comes to this issue…

Ignorance is bliss

If someone tries to annoy me by attacking me and saying bad things about me to try and bring me down, I get so tempted to fire up and write horrible things back to defend myself and make that other person look bad.

Well what I’ve learned is that it’s not always necessary to fight back or try and reason with people because I see that as sinking to their level by bringing them down when they have done the same to you. Not only that, but if they are the ones who are angry and are adamant about their view of you as a person and reasons against you it’s pretty obvious they could care less about what you have to say back if you plan to write an essay of a reply. A lot of people also want the attention and expect you to reply as well, even though they won’t care about what you have to say. That’s why I believe in doing the opposite of what they expect because ignorance is bliss! People will be shocked and pissed off when they realise that you are not giving them the time of day.

By responding, you are also opening the line of communication between you and that person and you are allowing them a reason to respond, and possibly say even worse things back to you. It’s not worth the drama and it’s too much energy to fight back. Sometimes the best thing to say, is to say nothing at all. As long as you don’t let people bring you down and you know you’re right, at least you’re being the bigger person. Make them look like the fools for wasting their time on you!

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