No longer MIA!

Some of you may have been wondering why I have not blogged in nearly three weeks now. I’m surprised I have gone this long without blogging. However, it’s safe to say that I am officially back in action!

A lot has happened in the weeks I have been away from the beautiful world of blogging – I had a weekend in London which was absolutely amazing. I got around pretty easily considering it was my first time there on my own. The tube system is not as confusing as people make it out to be, you just need to know where you’re going. I also got to see snow for the first time in such large amounts, I was in awe of it. Here is a photo of it:


I also loves the bars and clubs I went to. They were a lot of fun and the nightlife reminded me of Melbourne. I absolutely loved the Portobello Road Antique Market, now that was a sight to see. I was so amazed by a store that was just full of all these antique sewing machines! It was so cool! I also did more shopping than planned in Oxford Street. After being in London that weekend, I realised how much I fit in there and I now consider renting a flat up there at some stage and residing there. It is such an amazing city. Shame I did not get out my camera for many photo opportunities. Next time for sure!

So today is Valentine’s Day and couples are doing some things special and those of us that single are either moping about being alone or are not fazed by it. I am the latter, thank goodness. I am not a particular fan of this day but I am at a point in my life where I am happy being single, so being alone today doesn’t bother me. My ex did cross my mind only very briefly, but I did not get sad thinking about it as I have well and truly moved on from him. It is a good feeling. I had a good night out with my friend clubbing in Torquay where we danced the night away and I couldn’t think of anything better other than to spend Valentine’s Day with my friend having a ball! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Let’s hope I do not go without blogging for this long again.

Lots of love!

– Kathy


About kathleenmae

I love to smile. Happiness, laughter and love are the key to living a fulfilling life.I love to keep an open mind and turn any bad situation into a good one because everything happens for a reason :)

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