UK bound

This is it. Tonight is the night. I fly out to England at 11:55pm and won’t be home for a year. It really hasn’t sunk in that I’ll be leaving yet. It has come around so quickly.

It only felt like yesterday I was leaving for America in September and I’ve already been and gone from there, was back in Australia for a week and went to Queensland and now I’ll be jet setting again! It’s a great feeling though and I love how much I’ve traveled so far. America was a good head start into traveling on my own so I’m definitely not nervous about the plane flight by myself. I have gained a lot during and since America that I feel more prepared for England now. The nerves I feel now are mainly linked to the fact I’ll be gone for a year and will be away from my friends and family. I know I also have a lot of challenges ahead of me in the UK in reference to working, meeting new friends, getting used to the lifestyle and the place and basically starting a new life for myself. I still can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I was almost going to pull out of this and America because of my ex and I’m so glad I did not make that decision based around him. That would have been a very big mistake.

I’ve always loved travel and it’s already done wonders for me so I’m sure the UK will be the same. It will be hard to settle in and get used to things but I’m sure it will eventually feel like home and I won’t want to leave. I may even end up staying there if I like it that much but it’s still early days to be knowing that. According to my friends and family, I’m not allowed to stay in England if I decide I want to even though I know apart of them is joking, they do want me to come back but will support me whatever happens.

It’s so strange that I won’t be home for so long and will be away from everything I’m used to. I’m just glad I have a really supportive group of friends who reassure me and give me the best advice for my trip, especially my friends who have traveled and lived overseas for a year’s time too. It helps to know that I have friends who have been through the same experience and are always willing to give me their support if I’m ever stuck or lost about anything.

There’s no going back after tonight since the ticket has been booked. Although, I can always go back home at any stage if I’m really that uncomfortable but I really do want to give England a chance and I never would have known until I was there on how I felt about it. And I most likely would have regretted it later if I pulled out. I’m going to grow even more as a person and will come back a different one in a good way so I’m sure everything will work out the way it’s meant to and for now, it’s all about taking each day as it comes and living for the moment.

England here I come!


About kathleenmae

I love to smile. Happiness, laughter and love are the key to living a fulfilling life.I love to keep an open mind and turn any bad situation into a good one because everything happens for a reason :)

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