True friends

Last night I had a farewell party with friends and family because I’m leaving for the UK tomorrow to live and work for a year.

The great thing about having these kind of parties like birthdays as well, is that they show who your true friends are and show the people who want to be there for you and see you. Friends I had not seen in a year or more showed up, one of them bringing me a gift that I did not even expect! And it was like nothing had changed and that no time had passed between us since we last saw each other. It was very sweet.

It wasn’t a huge crowd but I know the friends that did show up are the ones who are true to me and wanted to catch up with me before I leave. Some only stayed for half an hour and it was just so great to have them there for that time.

One of my friends who I only properly talked to at a birthday came to my party to see me and we never even hung out all that much prior and it meant so much to me she was there to spend time with me.

I got a few other going away presents which wasn’t necessary but so kind of my friends. I got a beautiful butterfly necklace, a travel wallet which will really come in handy and was what I needed, a compass which was a sentimental gift so I would always know what direction home is and I also got the ‘Eat Pray Love’ book, a travel journal and photo album. Today, one of my best friends called me to tell me she ordered flowers that were to be delivered at my place because she couldn’t make it to my farewell party last night. It was the sweetest thought ever and I was so touched by it. She went to so much trouble to organise that for me. Unfortunately the flowers have not been delivered today like they were meant to be which is a little disappointing from the deliverer’s end but I have hope they will somehow appear tomorrow.

Today and last night really made me see who my true friends are and how much I appreciate them. I think sometimes I do take having such good friends for granted but they really do mean a lot to me and I appreciate them very much. I’m so grateful and blessed to have them in my life because it’s really hard to find true friends these days.

I’m really going to miss them when I’m away…

To any of my friends who have read this blog, you know who you are and thank you so much for being in my life and for being the amazing, supportive, kind, caring and generous souls that you are. I love you all very much and you will always have a very special place in my heart.


About kathleenmae

I love to smile. Happiness, laughter and love are the key to living a fulfilling life.I love to keep an open mind and turn any bad situation into a good one because everything happens for a reason :)

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