What invention do you most need right now?

This is the first blog topic I’ve posted that I have not created. I was on dailypost.com and found this topic which I can really relate to at the moment.

Since I am overseas and far far away from my loved ones, I would love to have a teleportation ring I could jump into and go back home whenever I wanted to check on things and see friends and family who I miss so much. And my cat Archie too. I love my cat 🙂

I was actually discussing this notion with one of my best friends on Skype and we both agreed it’s what we need. How easy would it be to just go into another world, another place in an instant? We would put airlines out of business!

I hope this creation will somehow exist one day 🙂


About kathleenmae

I love to smile. Happiness, laughter and love are the key to living a fulfilling life.I love to keep an open mind and turn any bad situation into a good one because everything happens for a reason :)

2 responses to “What invention do you most need right now?

  1. I’ve often wondered about this, too. In five hundred years, will people still be sitting on airplanes for sixteen hours? I can’t imagine it, but I don’t know what will replace this form of travel. Whatever it is, I hope it gets here sooner than five hundred years. Why don’t you work on that teleportation ring? I’ll be your first passenger!

    Actually, maybe I’ll wait and be your second passenger.

    • Kathleen Sleigh

      I agree with you. I hope it gets here sooner than five hundred years too! We will want to be alive with whatever replacement takes place. I’m really hoping it’s the teleporation ring. It would be the best invention yet! I’ll try to work on that one and you can definitely be my second passenger after myself 😉

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